I discovered the Cooper and Me story a month or so ago and since then, this wonderful book has become a popular night time story in our house!  I love the colorful illustrations, the light and playful story and the fact that this book is a continuation in a series written by a mother and daughter!

In Cooper and Me and the Winter Adventure, Cooper and Bella (Coopers doggie friend) want to go sledding!  But when they wander too far from home and a snowstorm makes it hard to get back home they have to rely on thinking things through to get home again!

The lesson of not wandering too far is important for any child!  And what a better way to teach it then with a beloved character that anyone can relate to!  Plus it includes an ‘Information About Me’ page that lets kids write down vital information about themselves should they ever need it!

But what I really love about this book and the entire Cooper and Me series is that the author and her 11 year old daughter give back with every book.  And this one is no exception!  $1 of every Winter Adventure book sold through February 2012 will be donated to the Lustgarten Foundation, www.lustgarten.org.  The Lustgarten Foundation is America’s largest private foundation dedicated solely to funding pancreatic cancer research.

How great is that?

And you can help by purchasing Cooper and Me TODAY!  Use code COOPERBLOG to get Free Shipping through Decemeber 15, 2011 on your purchase!  Consider a copy for your child’s teacher, your child and any other child who loves colorful, fun characters!

And now, because the authors of the Cooper and Me series are so generous, one (1) of my readers will win a copy of Winter Wonderland!

BUT, this is a ONE DAY ONLY Giveaway where the winner will be chosen at 4pm CST and announced tonight!  Plus, you have to respond with your name and mailing address within an hour of being notified of your win!  I want to make sure you get this before Christmas!

How to enter:

Head over to the Cooper and Me Website and check out the entire line of Cooper and Me books.  And then tell me which one you think you would be most excited about reading!

That’s it!  One comment and done!

Giveaway ends at 4pm CST, December 15, 2011 and winners must reside in the United States.

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