Parties and birthdays are SO fun! Over the last few years I have gotten more and more into making my children’s cookies and cakes. I am not great, but my girls seem to really love my efforts! This week, I have a friend’s birthday that I wanted to celebrate in a special way. But when I went to my stash of cookie cutters, I could not find all of the letters for Happy Birthday! And then I remembered that I had a NEW Mrs. Fields Cookie Cuttables Happy Birthday cutter that I could use!

Mrs. Fields Cookie Cuttables

These things are so awesome guys! Three instant advantages: All my letters are in one place, they cut everything including other themed cookies all at once and they are dishwasher safe and easier to store than a million cutters!

There are four variations of the Cookie Cuttables that you can find online. Easter (HURRY!!), Christmas, Halloween and the Happy Birthday one I got to try out!

Mrs. Fields Cookie Cuttables

I mean, how fun are these?

A few tips to make these the best cookies you have ever made!

1) Make sure the dough is room temperature. I used bag cookie mix and added a little flour to the mix as well as to the bottom of the rolling area and a little on top to help with sticking.

2) Make sure your ‘cutting’ area is large enough for all of the cookie cutter

Mrs. Field's Cookie Cuttablescookie cuttables

3) Press firmly to make sure you make definite lines between the cookies and the leftover dough.

4) Use a thin metal spatula to scoop them up and place them on the cookie sheet.

5) When icing, have FUN!

Mrs. Fields Cookie Cuttables

I had so much fun making these cookies and having the tool in an all in one just made it a lot easier! Instant cookies without the many cutters that I have to find little spaces for in the dishwasher. This just fits in one spot and stores easily with my cookie sheets!

Which of the Cookie Cuttables options do you love?

Congratulations Tina W.!!

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