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Five years later, I still remember my middle daughter’s colic. Night after night of crying and screaming. She cried too. Days full on interrupted naps, frustrated failed remedies and eventually, 24 hour a day baby wearing. With a 14 month in tow. She would nurse, cough, vomit, cry and eat again. It was miserable and even prescription medication – which I was so not happy to give my infant, did nothing to help. Now, moms can try the safer remedy of Colief® Infant Drops to help sooth their colicy baby.

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Colief Infant Drops #ReducedCrying

Colief Infant Drops are the only dietary supplement containing lactase enzyme to help ease digestion and reduce colic-associated crying and bring back the happy times. Essentially, Colief Infant Drops is a product for healthy babies who cry excessively and are extremely fussy – about a third of babies experience these symptoms. In fact, only one of my three had it. Colief Infant Drops is available in Duane Reade, HEB, Walgreens, and online at for a suggested retail price of $14.99.

I am here to tell you that colic ends and babies grow up and mom’s recover! On my French Memory board, you can see that my Sarah is a happy, healthy six year old whose past crying and seemingly painful colic is a distant memory. In fact, if it were not for my telling her when we share baby stories, I would not remember it at all.

Colief Infant Drops #ReducedCrying

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Coleif Infant Drops #ReducedCrying

Generally, parents can identify colic using the “rule of threes:”

  • Unexplained crying in an infant for at least three hours per day,
  • Three days per week,
  • For at least three weeks (or more)

While the actual cause of colic is not known, it is believed that some babies have difficulty digesting the lactose in breast milk or infant formula. Having products like Coleif Infant Drops can only help moms as we care for our babies during the difficult times!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Colief®. The opinions and text are all mine.