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Cocoon Cam is a new innovative breathing and video monitor for babies. adI’ve been trying a few different baby monitors out this go around, and have decided that Cocoon Cam has truly become my favorite. It’s been 2 months of using it, and I still get giddy and show it off to friends and family when a notification comes through.

It’s the perfect moment to ooh and aah over the baby without bothering his nap time. Ah, isn’t he adorable?

Cocoon Cam baby monitor in action. adThere have been a couple new fangled monitoring tools for new parents, and I’ve talked about some of them on here before. Cocoon Cam is different in that it will monitor your baby’s breathing without actually touching the baby. I was kind of skeptical at first, but there’s some great video’s over on the Cocoon Cam website that describes how it works. There’s some AI going on in this camera. I remember when my oldest was an infant, I’d have mild panic attacks if she slept longer than 2 hours – the norm at that time was that they should be up and be eating that often. I’d stick a mirror under her nose to catch a breath, or ever so gently place my hand on her chest to feel it rise and fall.

Cocoon Cam's innovative technology monitors baby breathing without touching the baby. ad

Now on my 5th baby, I can let him rest peacefully without intrusion and still monitor his breathing thanks to the Cocoon Cam. I laid him down for a nap one day, and then left the husband home while I ran my oldest out for some special growing up shopping, when I got a notification from the Cocoon Cam App – “Harold appears to be waking up.”

We flipped on the App in the middle of Walmart, and watched as he stretched out, played with his toes, and finally as Dad showed up to take him out of the crib. How cool is that? No other baby monitor I’ve used allows me to get further away than my mailbox. I think my favorite feature, however, is the daily swaddles. Every day we’re sent a mini video like the one below of highlights from the past 24 hours. It’s so fun watching babies sleep, don’t you think?



Features I LOVE on the Cocoon Cam

  • HD Video Monitoring – the best image quality I’ve ever seen on a baby monitor.
  • Zoom in – just pinch and pull to get a closer look at your baby, and you’ll see his chest moving up close and personal, yet still from an unobtrusive distance.
  • Breathing Monitoring – watch as your baby breathes in and out with the breathing graph flowing across the bottom of the screen.
  • Live streaming – see your baby from anywhere in the world. You can even invite family to tune in to your baby with special access. What a fun way for grandparents to check in on baby’s sleep too.
  • Daily Swaddle Stories – daily videos with highlights of your baby’s sleep. You can download and keep these videos, otherwise they’ll disappear after 7 days.
  • 2 way voice – means you can hear your baby and your baby can hear you!

Cocoon Cam monitors baby breathing without ever touching them. ad

What’s not to love about this camera? Oh yeah, the price is right too! At $199.99 you get the camera and Lifetime Breathing Monitoring. For smaller budgets, you can opt for the $149.99 with 6 months of breathing monitoring, but I’m just going to say the lifetime is a good deal! Especially if you plan on having more kids.