In the interest of trying to provide a cleaner, healthier house, I am developing an interest in the more natural products that are on the shelves for my family.

I have seen Green Works by Clorox.  Even picked up a bottle or two, read the label, and then put it back.  Not because I did not think it would be a good product, it is Clorox after all.  But I have been trained to believe that a cleaner has to be harsh to work.

And now, after having some of the line of Green Works cleaners in my home for several weeks, I no longer believe that!

I was lucky enough to get to try four cleaners from their product line!

Green Works Naturally Derived All Purpose Cleaner – This stuff is great!  It cleans everything from my counter tops to my stainless appliances to my greasy stove top!   Because, truth be told, I am a messy cook!  But the best part is that there is no harsh, chemical smell and it actually has a clean, refreshing scent!  AND IT WORKS!  It gets ice cream and macaroni and cheese drippings off of me butcher block island!  

Green Works Natural Compostable Cleaning Wipes – The perfect every day quick cleaner upper that will not leave unnatural chemicals on the surfaces my kids touch the most!  These are great for that sticky juice spill on the floor, the ‘accident’ on the rim of the potty, and the yogurt hand print on the fridge.  I know these things because I lived them!  And I am so in love with the scent.  A light, lemony, clean aroma that lingers even when you have tossed the wipe in the recycle bin!  Yep, they are eco- friendly too!

Green Works 99% Naturally Derived Bathroom Cleaner – Now this one I think I have used all up and need to get more of!  This slightly foaming spray cut through toothpaste drippings, dirty hand prints, that lovely ring around the bathtub, and even got the soap scum off of the 30 year old plastic shower surround!   I am hard on bathroom cleaners and refuse to buy more of something that just does not work!  This does!  And the bathroom smells no clean and nice after I use it.  A win/ win all around!

Green Works 96% Naturally Derived Laundry Detergent – I wish I had smell-a-blog so that you guys could lean in and take a nice long, like they do it on commercials, sniff!  Seriously, it is right up there with some of the best laundry detergents I have smelled.  And that sweet, citrusy, clean fragrance lingers on the clothing after they are dry.  Plus, it cleans my clothes as well!  In fact, I put my kids ‘sand box’ clothes in one load, dirty finger marks across the shirt, knee prints of mud caked on and ground in and it all came out clean as if they had never played outside!  Perfect for me!

There are other products in this line too – dish washing soap, toilet bowl cleaner and even bleach!  I can not wait to try them all!

I have to say, I am impressed at how well these “green” cleaners work.  Somehow, Clorox has found a way to make products that are good for us, our kids, the environment and mean on dirt!

Find out more about Clorox’s Green Works line on their website and Like Green Works on Facebook for product updates!