I am happy to report that I am clean, exfoliated and rejuvenated looking thanks to products from the Cleanlogic Body Care!  And my skin and tired eyes are happier for it too!

I got to test the Bath and body Shower Soap and Sponge, the Rejuvenating Dual Temperature Gel Eye Mask and the Exfoliating Stretch Bath & Shower Body Cloth.  I am so happy!

I am a girl, after all, and I love to pamper myself during my every day routine.  So these products are perfect because I can spoil my skin in the shower and never miss a beat!

The Bath & Shower Soap and Sponge  – the Cucumber Melon scent – is such a fun and clever use of texture. The clean scent and the texture of the bar cleans and exfoliates waking my skin up with every use!  I love how clean and fresh I feel.  Available on three scents, these bars will have you wanting to shower any chance you get a spare moment!

To compliment that soap, the Exfoliating Stretch Bath & Shower cloth is the perfect addition to any shower!  Though rough to the touch, the cloth softens and scrubs your skin, exfoliation everything from rough elbows to scratchy heels!  I love this cloth and am so excited to have it to back up my soap and sponge.  I feel so good when I get out of the shower now and can feel my skins health shining through!

The gel eye dual mask is one of my favorite things that I got to test.  I can use it cold or warm to revitalize my eyes and wake me up or sooth me after a long day!  To use it warm I just hold it in hot water for 5 – 10  minutes and then I wrap it around my eyes, easily affix it with the velcro starps, and relax, letting the warmth take away the stress of the day.  It really has become a nightly ritual.

And in the mornings, if the night has been interrupted by little ones not sleeping well, I can pull my mask out of the fridge, stimulate my blood cells around my eyes and wake myself up in an all natural, easy way.  Sure, the kids think I look funny.  But I am not the one with the purple kitty cat whiskers drawn on my face by my sister, so there!

Truly, the Cleanlogic products have inspired me to take a little better care of my outside!  With cleaver cleaning products, amazing scents and the dual temperature mask, I look forward to the little pampering I get doing every day things!


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**I received a sampling of these products for review purposes only.  My writings and opinions are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**