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Circuit Scribe promotes creativity and imagination

Sometimes things that I get to review are just your basic ‘toy’ or item. I tell you my honest opinion and we move on. Some things, though, are so cool and so unexpected that I have to share them with you and then continue to play with them because they are so fascinating. Circuit Scribe offers imagination, creativity and education all in one. Once you get it going, which you can see how to do in our video below, it is a fun and entertaining product that will fascinate adults and kids alike!

If you peered deep inside any electronic appliance you’d discover they all start with a single circuit, linked to another and another. A new company, CircuitScribe, has invented a remarkable pen that writes with conductive silver ink to create a working circuit. Now novice third graders and experienced high schoolers can have fun with circuitry and electronics in a totally new way. All they need is a piece of paper and a Circuit Scribe pen! Here’s a great video that will show you the magic and wow of how Circuit Scribe works.

Now, I will admit, and note this for your Circuit Scribe, that it took me a little while to figure this out. I had to get my 18 year old assistant to help me. A trick to make it work? Make sure you draw thicker lines for the circuit than you think you need. Once we added the thicker line, the circuits started working and we had spinning wheels and lights galore! It was simply too cool for words!

Make worlds of learning fun with Circuit Scribe

As their website and online store, www.CircuitScribe.com, explains, “our non-toxic silver ink makes creating circuits as easy as doodling.” With a range of kits and bundles to choose from, holiday giving this year can ramp up from ho-ho-ho to OMG whoa!

Circuit Scribe can write on anything that a typical rollerball pen can. Printer paper, construction paper, cardstock and photo paper all work. Families have fun experimenting with different mediums! Based on anecdotes from Circuit Scribe scientists, photo paper performs the best because the ink is able to form a continuous film on the smooth surface.

The basic premise of Circuit Scribe, from a real mom’s perspective, is to teach kids, teens and even adults, how circuits work to make things happen. Once you get the main gist of how it all works, the creativity is endless! Make whole towns and projects that light up and work. Or have the smallest child just make lines and watch it come to life. This is really a great tool for anyone!

Circuit Scribe for your family this holiday

The Maker Kit ($79.99) is the gold standard to appreciate the magic of electronics. And parents, please note this is not just for geeks! The maker culture – learning-through-doing such as robotics, electronics and traditional metalworking or woodworking – is a hot topic in school hallways. Kids who classify as makers encompass every letter of STEM and STEAM and even STREAM learning! From hackers to DIYers, it’s a national passion.

The company also makes a Basic Kit and an Ultimate Kit, and will introduce its pocket-sized $9.99 Mini Kit, perfect for stocking stuffers or a Hanukkah gift, later this month.

This is a gift that promotes thinking, imagination and creativity too! Pick up Circuit Scribe today for your holiday wish list!