I received an email a few weeks ago from http://www.christmasornaments.com/ asking the I review a product for them.  I love Christmas and ornaments so I was thrilled and honored that they asked!

I went to the website and spent forever looking at all of the wonderful, festive, beautiful items they had to offer.  The prices seemed a little steep, but I was more than willing to keep on looking and making notes as to what I wanted for my tree this year!

I chose a simply elegant, sweet ornament of an adult and baby penguin:  http://www.christmasornaments.com/penguins-product-p3826-c22.asp

By the look of it on http://www.christmasornaments.com/, I thought I was getting a small, sweet, little ornament.

Imagine my very pleasant surprise when I received a large, colorful, delicate ornament that will be a conversation piece for my tree this holiday season!  It actually reminds me of the hand blown glass ornaments my Grandparents had on their tree.  Ornaments that are fiercely protected and guarded from little hands that want to reach out and touch the detailed, glittery characters.

My penguins sit in perfect harmony, happily snuggled together, ready to be named.  Mother and child, grandparent and grandchild, big sister and little sister.  They are painted in wonderful detail, down to the glittery scarves that adorn their necks.  The glass is so thinly blown that it is hard to believe it is actually glass!

As for the prices, I now know that they are reasonable for the quality you receive!  These are ornaments that will last in a family for generations to come.  And there are not many things you can say that about now a days!

Thank you http://www.christmasornaments.com/ for giving me the opportunity to receive and review your wonderful products!  I highly recommend them to anyone decorating their home this holiday season!