I do not normally do book reviews. First of all, I barely have time to read and when I do, I don’t like it to be work related. But when I got an email from new author, Sheila Bliss, a Kindergarten teacher who has raised three children with her husband of 27 years, writing a novel out of love and a desire to tell a story, I could not resist. Her email resonated with me as I have a dream of publishing a book one day. So I read the reviews (4.5 stars by the way) and decided that the newly released version was totally worth the read. I was right. Choices by Sheila Bliss is worth more than the $0.99 price tag on Amazon. It is a really good book.

Choices by Sheila Bliss

I know from my marriage that it can be a very lonely place. In this story, that loneliness leads to decision that affect everyone’s lives. The choices this heroine makes are nothing similar to mine but I can relate to the image of the perfect life being a lie and the actions that one takes to create her own happiness. Mine was divorce. Laurel Brittingham’s was a younger man and and a discovery of truths that hit very close to home.

Written with passion that comes through in this easy read, the author takes us on a journey of self discovery, deceit, and a little mystery that we don’t want to put down. Choices made are that we all can relate to and the lessons learned are valuable.

From the first paragraph as a mom dealing with a child who does not understand to the clandestine meetings with a lover to the relate-able friendship with her three pals, this book takes us on a journey that we won’t soon forget.

I don’t want to type too much and I don’t want to give anything away. But the story line is addictive and if you don’t finish this book in one weekend, I would be surprised.

Download Choices now from Amazon for your Kindle, phone or computer. And then come back and tell  me your thoughts on this fast moving, fun and interesting book!

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