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What are you known for bringing to the holiday dinner festivities? One of those detectable confections can be this easy, no-nonsense “gourmet” Chocolate Cherry Fudge.  Try this recipe on for size or feel free to make it your own. Around the holidays, you can usually find flavored chocolate chips (cherry, raspberry, mint or even use Andes chocolates to change up this recipe).  It is extremely versatile and sure to be cheer worthy for any occasion.

chocolate cherry fudge

This is a fantastically simple recipe that I have used over the years to create every flavor of fudge you can imagine. It is quick, simple and positively no fail~ and always a hit!  I use this recipe often for gifts to give to the mail person, neighbors, friends and other people that deserve a little treat!

chocolate cherry recipe

This recipe adds the perfect amount of chocolate to a cherry blasting flavor, so if you are compassionate about that combination, this is a must try! Have fun making the Chocolate Cherry Fudge and remember to add your own flair to the recipe to make it uniquely yours.  There are really no limits and definitely no complaints :)

chocolate cherry fudgeI find myself experimenting with just about every kind of candy bar, flavored chip and flavored extract I can get my hands on. This recipe is super rich, so one batch goes a long way with the small pieces.  May all of your holiday baking be as simple as this special treat and be sure to come back and let us know your own creation! We would love to try your spin on this recipe!!

Tips for Making the Chocolate Cherry Fudge

  • Keep stirring the chips until melted, they can burn quickly on you.
  • Use vanilla extract if you are only making chocolate fudge
  • Any type of pan will work fine and basically any size- just form the wax paper to the size you want your fudge. The fudge is so thick that it does not really move much after you place in the pan.
  • If you top with anything, press the sprinkles/nuts/candy down into the fudge or they might fall off when you cut.
  • I use a pizza cutter to slice my fudge for perfect lines.
  • Enjoy!

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