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If you are like me, I adore the sweet mix of chocolate and cherry flavors, especially during the holidays.  It brings back memories of old and images of my mom savoring the classic cordial cherries with such delight.  With this spin on your holiday fudge, you will be sure to excite your taste buds with the delicious collaboration of cherry flavor and chocolate chips! This cherry chocolate fudge recipe has quickly become a favorite in our home for the holidays.

 cherry chocolate fudge

This is the easiest fudge recipe and easily altered to fit your mood! I used cherry extract, but you can try orange, raspberry, banana, or strawberry. I have tried several different flavors and often make this for baby showers and other family events.  While fudge is always a favorite this time of year, try adding something a little different to the dessert table. With such a versatile recipe you can add some holiday flair to any occasion and always count on a tasty gem that everyone will enjoy!

cherry chocolate fudge

Here are some tips for you when making this fudge:

  • I use a glass bowl in the microwave to keep the mixture hot for melting the white chocolate chips.
  • I have used all kinds of chocolate and several kinds of extract flavors.  I do not have a preference for brand. They are all good.
  • When you add the marshmallow creme, flavor and coloring- those cool the mixture quickly and it will start to set up, you will need to get it in to your pan quickly to get the sprinkles to stay on the fudge.
  • A small piece of fudge goes a long way, it is very rich so you can cut in small pieces and still have enough for a large group.
  • This fudge will become sticky if you leave it out of the fridge for long periods of time. You will want to keep it chilled until time to serve.
  • I put the mini chocolate chips on the bottom of the pan instead of the top to make sure they are embedded well into the fudge.
  • ENJOY!!

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