Get your Pom Pom on and watch your kids cheer and dance with Fisher-Price’s Cheerin Minnie! Oh how much I loved getting this in the mail for my kids. My little one took possession and I have heard every cadence, the song and chants by Minnie over and over again!

Cheerin Minnie

My girls love cheer, tumbling, dance and anything else that gets them up and moving. Next year, I hope to have them all back on the cheer squad. So when a good pal of theirs, Minnie, showed up to motivate  them to dance, cheer and get up and get moving, mommy was very happy!

Cheerin Minnie sings my childhood favorite cheer song, Hey Mickey, and I love watching my girls get into it! Check out how Cheerin Minnie got my little one up and dancing below!

I love this! And I would totally buy it for my kids in a heartbeat!

Now, as with any toy, especially one that is on the more expensive side, I look for durability. So I have been watching to see if Minnie loses strings on her pom poms, to see if the button that makes her play sticks on her shoe and to see how she reacted to my kids dragging her around by the arms and ears. So far- and remember, I have 3 that attack everything-  she has held up just fine. Her body is made of hard rubber so she is not rock hard and her clothing and pom poms are made of thick, durable material.

I think she might make it in this house. In fact, in a year or so, she will probably still be in great shape for a hand me over to another little cheer lover if I choose!

cheerin minnie

Cheerin Minnie is one of those great gifts for 2 year old girls and up. She says 12 phrases, chants and songs and it will take a little bit before you hear them all!

With the holidays coming up, add Cheerin Minnie to the list! She will be beloved in no time in your home!

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