Both my son and daughter are creative and love to work with their hands.  I can give them instructions and a bit of wiggle room, some artistic media and the next thing you know… I have something that resembles Dali artwork ready to hang on my fridge! Okay, so that may have been a bit over the top, though it was no exaggeration that my children love to create interesting things. has the most fascinating, well-developed and systematic toys that I have ever seen!   For instance, the  Chaos Tower by Museum Tour  is fantastically innovative for  Ages 8 and up and really allows children to construct a magnificent piece!

chaos tower

This awesome construction set boasts 602 pieces and challenges your child each step of the way.  My son worked on his Chaos Tower for a little while each night before bed, and it was difficult to pull him away.  The opportunity for him to figure out the connections between 602 pieces seemed a bit scary to me; but he jumped right in with enthusiasm like I had not quite seen from any other project we have done.

 chaos tower

I am stunned at his dedication and diligence to constructing the chaos tower.  He is 7.5 years old, and shorter than the chaos tower, so we helped him get the frame erected and identify some of the parts.  This project has been brain-boosting, confidence-building and FUN for him!

chaos tower

Finding the perfect toy that engage children both mentally and physically is rewarding for many reasons.  As a parent, I feel that the Chaos Tower is a perfect score!  I have learned to never underestimate my child’s ability when given a challenge, this kid has impressed upon me the importance of determination.  This is a perfect gift for children that really enjoy construction, using their hands and the excitement of accomplishment. Check out their vast assortment of fantastically innovative and educational toys!

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The Museum Tour website and catalog is the brainchild of a former museum director. As a former educator and president of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, she recognized a need for enjoyable, easy to communicate teaching aides to assist parents in fulfilling their role as primary educators. After all, in every generation parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents have taken on the responsibility of insuring that the children become contributing members of society. But the training tools they used were found in the kitchen, garage, and farmyard. Today, to compete globally, we need modern props (that are rapidly changing) to assist our children’s learning. The Museum Tour website and annual catalog make it easy for adults to create enjoyable learning opportunities for children beyond the museum and science center walls.

The Chaos Tower Earned these Honorable Awards
Winner: Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award
Winner: National Parenting Center of Approval
Winner: Parents’ Choice Silver Award
  Includes the Chaos learning CD-ROM containing 50 hands-on
educational activities for grades 3-12. Windows® and Mac® compatible. is graciously giving (1) lucky winner $30 to spend in their unique store for your little creative kiddo! Just simply enter below and GOOD LUCK!

Open to U.S. residents, ages 18+

Congratulations to our winner: Pauline M.!!

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