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Some things truly impress me. Made With Love Ceramic Imprints touches me to my heart. A way to freeze time, the beautiful end result of this product will constantly take me back to the day my kids were 4, 6 and 7. Any mother would find the beautiful ceramic plaques to be precious to them their entire loves, no matter how big their kids get.

Made with love Ceramic Imprints

The concept is simple. Preserve your child’s hand or foot print in a plaque that has their names and ages, or whatever information you want on it. 8 -10 weeks after you return your kids imprints, a beautiful keepsake arrives at your door for you to show off!

Simply choose and order your kit online. When it arrives, help your kids create their hand or foot prints. It took two people to make sure that my kids got theirs deep enough and evenly done. But it was pretty easy overall. We packed the handprints back in the return postage included box and sent them back. About 2 months later, I got my plaque and fell in love.

Made with love Ceramic Imprints

The handprints are perfectly done, the colors custom to what I ordered and the plaque totally worth the effort and the affordable price!

There are so many ways you can customize your ceramics. Have your child’s hand imprinted in yours, put all of your kids on one, add birth footprints as well and more. These custom, hand designed keepsakes will always be a conversation piece.

Made with love Ceramic Imprints

Learn more about Made with Love Ceramic Imprints and their help with the Child Warrior Program.

Nurses, teachers, neighbors and anyone who watches and tries to comfort families dealing with catastrophic childhood illnesses can tell you that the journey is tough and the children in these instances are nothing short of heroes. Made With Love Ceramic Imprints tries to brighten everyone’s day by making house calls to area hospitals as much as possible. Believing they can do even more for those who struggle the most, Made With Love Ceramic Imprints is opening nominations for a monthly “Child Warrior” program. Each month a submitted story about a very ill child is chosen, and the company will cover the cost of creation for one of their adorable keepsakes for the family to cherish.  

Made with love Ceramic Imprints

I love this product and can think of a ton of moms and grandma’s, plus dads too, who would love this as a permanent reminder of this day in time.

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