I love soup.  But over the years I have sort of gotten away from using it for anything but recipes.  Unless, of course, it is tomato soup for grilled cheese.   I guess I have just needed more as an adult.  More flavor, more creativity, more depth to a soup.  Although, a great dinner can be had by pouring Campbell’s Chunky over rice or noodles!

Campell's Kettle Style Soups

But now Campbell’s has heard my plea and come out with a line of wonderful soups created for those of us who want something more from our soups.  Campbell’s Slow Kettle Style Soups are fun, creative, and delicious…. if I don’t say so myself!

Available in a variety of flavors from Roasted Chicken and Chardonnay, Tuscan-Style Chicken and White Bean and Southwest-Style Chicken Chili, these soup offer the deep, rich flavor that only comes out from slow cooking.  In fact, these soups, as Campbell’s indicates, are made with patience, not preservatives!

Now listen… I know you are going to ask me my favorite and I WISH I could tell you.  But these soups remind me of lazy Saturday’s with rain pelting down, kids curled up on my lap, soup cooking since 8am, the aroma’s wafting through the air as my stomach growls with anticipation of the first, delicious bite.

Campell's Kettle Style Soups

That means-  in a very colorful way – that all of the flavors have their up side!  LOL

The juicy chicken, fire roasted tomatoes, Parmesan and pasta in the Roasted Chicken & Chardonay compliment the rich broth that has a hint of chardonnay.  The Southwest-Style Chicken Chili with black beans and sweet onions boasts only 190 calories and 2 grams of fat.  Besides being rich in tomatoey flavor, if you sprinkle some low fat cheese on it, you want to call it homemade!  And the Tuscan-Chicken with White Bean includes asiago cheese, thyme and rosemary to tie in the flavor and makes you want to sit on a hill side and watch the world go by in Italy!

Campell's Kettle Style Soups

Pick up all of the flavors of Campbell’s Slow Kettle style soups and relax with a soup that has a your more grown-up tastes all taken care of!

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