Last month I told you about the California Wine Club and how they are dedicated to promoting the best wines and real wineries in their selection and promotion of delicious wines.  And I have enjoyed receiving some of their selections over the last few months.  I love that this wine club promotes the wineries over the wines.

California Wine Club

This month I received A few wines from the Daniel Gehrs collection.  A beautiful Chenin Blanc and a rich, deep Merlot.  With awards ranging from Double Gold to Silver, these wines are living up to their accolades.

Now starting to discover that maybe I am a white wine girl, I eagerly opened to Chenin Blanc.  With three awards around its neck I was not surprised to find out that it has a light, fruity flavor that was easy to drink.  I liked it chilled well and lazily drank it while getting dinner ready for the kids.

A red wine lover for years, I am always looking for amazing Merlots, Cabernet’s and blends that can warm my pallet without leaving an aftertaste.  The Daniel Gehrs Merlot is rich, deep, and playful on my taste buds.  I love the depth and held it on my tongue to really enjoy the full body taste.  There is no aftertaste and you can tell when drinking it what it completely deserves its three Gold Medal awards!

California Wine Club

You can chose wines like this and have them delivered to you or a loved on every month, all year long.  By joining the club, you receive wines from local wineries that the owners have visited, tested and selected for the highest quality possible.  Instead of drifting through a wine store hoping you pick something that tastes good, you can let the experts choose for you.  So, far, I have not been disappointing at all!

Check out how to join and check out the benefits of joining.  Not only will you get real wine, you will get bragging rights as you present the best of the best to your family and guests!

Connect with California Wine Club on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about how every month can be a special delivery month for you or that wine brat in your circle of friends.

NOW  -the BIG News!


52 People at the end of December will be chosen to win the following prizes:

1) One of four, Three Month Wine Club memberships (A $150 value you can give as a gift, or keep for yourself)
2) One of 50 handy Two Bottle Wine Totes ($25 value)
3) One of 50 Red Tulip Music wine country CD’s ($15 value)


**This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. I received a 2 month Membership to the California Wine Club for the purpose of this review.  Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information.**