Any mom, business woman or student needs to stay organized.  We need more than our phones sometimes as we have documents, receipts and more that need to be kept.  The more organized we are, the easier life is.  And, let’s face it, it has to be stylish too! Recently, I received some very nice, stylish, usable office items from C-Line through is a great site that carries all things business!  I have been looking around the site for my home office and see great prices on everything from copy paper to pencils to office chairs.  I really need a new office chair!


But my major problem in my office is receipt and contract organization.  They are just everywhere and I have an antiquated system of try to keep them in envelopes per month and so on.  And other organizers I have used tend to fall apart or don’t have the number of compartments I need.  And – frankly – they are not something I would carry somewhere for a meeting!

The C-Line Expanding File with Handles is awesome and solves all of my issues!  First of all, it is pretty.  It looks like a stylish briefcase and can easily be carried anywhere I need to go.  In addition, it has 13 pockets with 12 tabs that are easily labeled for a year’s worth of paperwork.  It is lightweight and sturdy, made of soft sided fabric instead of some that are made with thin cardboard.  I really like it and the fact that it is keeping me organized!

The other great item I received is the C-Line Presentation Book.  This is great for my meetings with other bloggers and companies.  I can slide in a colorful spreadsheet or media kit and take it with me in style.  With 12 top loading sheet protectors, any presentation or paperwork will be safe and easy to see.

C-Line Expanding Folder

I love finding thing that make my life easier.  I love even more finding them for reasonable prices.  Check out the entire C-Line product line at and dress up your office for less.

*I received these products for review purposes only.  All opinions are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**