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We all are much more aware these days pertaining to benefits of clean and healthy skin for our families. We are always searching for convenient, affordable products on the market to assist in better self care. I have been turned on to a great shopping site.  Shoplet has a vast array of products, including home and business supplies that can help me and my kids stay clean and moisturized all season long. Medline products offer everything from Flushable Wipes to Hydraguard Skin Cream to nourish and pamper our skin; and even better, they are gentle enough to use daily!

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I was lucky enough to receive some great products from Medline. The perfect skin nourishing package included the Remedy with Phytoplex Nourishing Skin Cream, Remedy with Phytoplex Hydraguard Skin Cream, fantastically soft Remedy with Phytoplex Hydrating Cleansing Foam and ReadyFlush Flushable Cleansing Clothes.

I have to say, not all products are the same. Sometimes we get caught up in ‘skin cream is skin cream’ but that is not always the case. I have been using the Hydraguard Skin Cream for a few weeks on my typical dry ‘problem areas’ as the weather has gotten a little cooler and dryer.  I love the thick, creamy protection it offers my skin. It forms a clear film over my skin that protects it from additional damage caused by cleaning, cool air exposure and the use of harsh alcohol based anti-germ gels.  One added benefit is the mobility of the Nourishing Skin Cream; I carry one in my purse to use when my hands are dry and itchy. My skin is holding up well during a season that typically brings a lot of uncomfortable dry, itchy and painful cracking skin.

business supplies

Any mom knows that having a hand cleanser readily available for children is important. The Hydrating Cleaning Foam has changed my ways; no more harsh smelling, drying, anti-germ gels for me and my kids.  This is a no rinse gentle foam formula; the product is safe for skin and hair. Smooth it through your day old style for a little moisture, or put some on your hands and rub to dissolve after you pick trash around your house. Either way, you will love how fast it disappears and how soft your skin feels afterwards.

business supplies

The FlushReady wipes are sort of self explanatory, right? Can I just say I really like them and move on so I don’t have to talk about personal habits? Sufficed to say, there is a huge benefit to having wipes in the bathroom when you  need them.

After speaking with a friend about how wonderfully these products treated my dry skin, she informed that she is very familiar with the line.  She is a nurse who has used the Medline products on elderly patients for many years; she stands behind them personally and professionally.

I really am loving Shoplet and completely impressed with the quality of Medline products. Check out the site and tell me what you would most likely use in your daily life. offers great quality products including Office Supplies, Promotional Products, Office Stationary and Promotional Shirts!

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