My Magnet!  Honk If You See ME! 
Those are, literally, the first 3 words of the email I sent to after I opened my Magnetic Sign promoting my blog for my car and my NEW Bumper Stickers! I could not believe that they took my little 125×125 button and created actual, professional, quality signs in almost no time!

When I was contacted by to review their website and vast array of products, I went a little happy inside.  One of my passions is promoting my blog.  I love my blog and I want everyone I come in contact with to know about it.  So the thought of driving around with a sign on my door and a bumper sticker on my minivan made me a little on the shamelessly happy side!  I can admit it.  I am a grown up like that!  
So I happily went to and got lost in the custom banners, custom signs, car wraps, vinyl lettering and so, so, SO much more.  From the products to the designs to the marketing ideas and even art prints, this site has it all!  
Bumper Stickers
I chose my promotional magnetic sign and got busy trying to customize it.  I have no design savvy, you see, and have heavily relied on other, more talented people to handle my art work.  It is a good thing, trust me! 
But, wow!  This was so easy!  The customize option let me add text, photos, clip art, change the font and colors, and pretty much anything else I wanted to make my sign one of a kind!  I poured over it for what seemed like hours.  Deleted, moved, rearranged, and prayed for inspiration.  None came and, though I think I did an okay job, I knew it could be better.  I just did not know how.  
My Bumper, The Promotess!
I then got to work on my Bumper Stickers!  I LOVE bumper stickers!  They are not just for your bumper anymore, you know?  My husband has tons of them stuck to the cabinets in the garage and I have been out many a time to look for a number on one of them.  I like to pick up bumper stickers from consignment sales, thrift stores, and any other place I can find them!  The thing about marketing materials is that they can be useful anywhere, and therefore your name can be anywhere as well!  And bumper stickers are flexible and easy to carry.  A win win, in my book! 
By the time I finished my magnetic sign and bumper stickers, I’ll be honest, I felt even less like a design expert.  So I emailed and guess what?  They took the information I had entered and redesigned the signs for me!  Just like that!    
There is a reason they are in this business!  Suddenly, I had professional, colorful, clear, centered, beautiful signs!  And I could not have been more excited!  They are just THAT good!  
To add to the excellent customer service they provided, I had my sign and bumper sticker, safely wrapped, in about 3 days!  You simply can not beat that!  Any company with amazing products, creative behind the scenes people, and great customer service will always be on my HIGHLY RECOMMEND list!  Welcome to it!
So, if you have a blog you want to promote, a small business you need to advertise, a birthday party you want to celebrate, an announcement of a new baby to shout to the world, or any other possible event or special occasion you want to let everyone know about, you should trust your work to!
I did!  And I could not be more happy! 

Find on Facebook and Twitter!  Get information on their products and people and even get information on jobs available with! 

Want one of my Bumper Stickers?  Send me your deets to and I will mail you one!  Just like that!