I am in LOVE with the latest item to enter our house for the kids! Build A Dream Playhouses is my newest happy find!  I’ll admit, with 6 great designs to choose from, I had a hard time picking just one!  So, I turned to the kids and they wanted to play in the castle like princesses.

I received our order quickly after picking and held it hostage until a balmy, hot, end of summer afternoon.  The kids were so excited when my husband opened it and put the entire thing together in less than 5 minutes!  The castle is made with sturdy cardboard and has windows and doors and even a draw bridge.  My girls had so much fun going in and out and peeking through the windows at each other!

I brought out the crayons and was blessed with a solid hour of teamwork, quiet entertainment and imaginations flying wild while they colored it.  And did a great job!  But even after an hour, there was still so much more to decorate!

So the next day, they got to work again!  And a week later, I pulled out the water colors and they painted in the backyard happily.

Even with three little girls running in and out of it and pushing it around, there is not a single tear or break in the castle.  And they have played at least once in it every day for the last few weeks.  So you know if it can stand up to MY kids, it can stand up to any kid!

This is not a color and throw away item.  It will be in this house, acting as the backdrop for saving Princesses and dragon slaying with heels on for a long time to come.  Which makes it the ultimate value to me!

Trust me, take a moment to go look at the great selection of color and play items at Build A Dream Playhouses.   Enhance your child’s artistic skills and aid in imagination play as they become lemonade sellers, ice cream truck drivers, chefs and more!  And with FREE Shipping site wide, there are little excuses not to let your little one go crazy in these innovative play houses!

Thanks to the great team at Build A Dream Playhouses, you can win a playhouse for your kids!  The winner gets to choose any of the houses!  If you have won one from another blog before, however, we kindly ask that you do not enter to win again!

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