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I told the kids they were coming and I kid you not, Megan jumped up and down and said, ‘Those are the best kind, mom!!’. Followed by, ‘I want pink!‘. Luckily, I know my kids well and had already asked for a pair of pink and a pair of blue Buddy Phones. After all, we were leaving on a very important trip that included 22 hours in the car, with three kids, who would be in desperate need of headphones that I could trust not to blow out my children’s ear drums!

BuddyPhones are volume-limiting kids headphones that protect young listeners ears by providing them with the safest, toughest headphones and they’re available in some of the most popular colors and designs, such as Pink Unicorns! Think about it: happy kids and parents who don’t have to listen to the same movies or shows over and over again.

Read that again…. happy kids and parents who don’t have to listen to the same movies or shows over and over again. We had a 22 hour road trip ahead. 11 hours there and 11 hours back. I was NOT going to listen to the annoyance of baby voices and tween story-lines all the way to Kansas City for Destination Imagination Globals competition!

Nope, wasn’t going to happen. But I also want to protect my girl’s young ears from loud, focused noise. So BuddyPhones for the win!

The BuddyPhones PLAY is parents’ top choice due to its kid-proof durability, 24+ hour battery life and wireless connection.  It also comes with four SafeAudio modes designed for different ages and activities (Kid, Toddler, Study, and Travel). As a bonus, BuddyPhones offers their patented shared BuddyCable; a great option for families with multiple kids and only one device!

The BuddyCable was AMAZING! With two sets of headphones, the backseat girls could listen together to the same show and giggle at the same things. They just plugged in the cable and used one device.

With volume levels recommended for children by the World Health Organization, these headphones truly make the perfect addition to any family trip OR in everyday life! Available now at www.buddyphones.com or Amazon.

Believe it or not, these are the only headphones that survived the trip. The third set we had broke on the first leg. They just stopped working while the BuddyPhones made it through drops, pulls, being crammed into bags and more! We still have them and use them today.

A miracle in a house full of craziness!

Get your BuddyPhones PLAY  and start protecting your kid’s ears and your sanity now!