The day has finally come!!  Bubble Guppies, the popular preschool children’s show on Nickelodeon, presents their first ever DVD hitting shelved May 1, 2012! Bubble Guppies is one of my children’s new favorites!

In their 3D animated and so colorful world, preschool aged fish characters sing and dance their way through the day.  With the sountrack to some seriously addicting music, the Bubble Guppies teach math, literacy, the arts, science and even have eco- friendly lessons for the kids!

This three episode DVD premiered on Nickelodeon back in February and has captivated my kids ever since.  Sarah loves the character, Una – the little girl with purple hair and the star in her hair and Megan is in LOVE with Bubble Puppy and seeing him sparks a round of, “I am a puppy!” that cracks me up every time!

In the double length feature episode, Bubbly Puppy’s Fin-Tastic Fairy Tale, a mean Witch (played by Wanda Sykes) turns Bubbly Puppy into a frog!!  Working together, and quickly, the Bubble Guppies use song and dance to break the spell!

The Bubble Guppies also learn about responsibility when in Bubble Puppy, Gil wants to adopt a new puppy.  He has to understand all of the responsibility that goes into taking care of a puppy before he can adopt!

Rounding out this fun DVD is the episode, Bubble Bites, where the characters and Mr. Pinkytoe go on an adventurous race to see who gets the last box of treats for Bubble Puppy at the store!

If your kids love colorful, fun character, catchy music and to laugh, you should introduce them to Bubble Guppies by treating them to their first ever DVD!

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