With St. Patrick’s Day coming up the kiddos really wanted to create something fun!  This super easy treat can be whipped up in the kitchen in no time! Parents can make the chocolate chunk brownies, let them cool then give the tots freedom express their lucky side!


These are super simple and so much fun!

Instructions from the Tots

Step 1. Have your parents make the brownies because you could totally burn yourself if you get in the oven.

Step 2. You have to let the brownies cool down to about the same temperature as the snow outside.

Step 3. Pour some green food coloring into some icing (Our mom just used the white kind) but it still tastes okay.

Step 4. After you mix the icing and make it green, spread it all over the brownie. My mom watches us close, so try to add more if your mom turns her back. Then use a fork to make the icing tall by poking the brownie. (Mom adds, poke just the icing)

Step 5. Take a piece of old spaghetti and break it in half. (Mom chimes in… it is not OLD spaghetti)

Step 6. Stick each piece of spaghetti into the brownie. You will kind of want the spaghetti to be falling down. (Mom adds, slanted).

Step 7. Add the dollar store hats to the top of your spaghetti sticks.

Step 8. Find what is left of the Reese Candy from Valentine’s Day and use that for the pot of gold!

Mini Tot says: The brownies are good, they are real good. Well they even look good too. I would share these brownies with my cousins and my brother because I just would know they would want one.  The oven has to be like 20 degrees for them to bake (Mom chimes in, bake per package directions). I could eat like 3 brownies in one day!

There you have it my friends! Enjoy!!!

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