There is no chain store large enough to make me want to stop shopping for interesting and unique toys at a local toy stores. I always find the best stuff at little stores and love that my kids have stuff that they did not just ‘see on TV’. Like Brilliant Sky Toys & Books.

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Brilliant Sky Toys & Books

Shoppers who are lucky enough to live near one of 15 Brilliant Sky Toys & Books specialty stores already take advantage of this concierge-style superior customer service, free gift wrap and wide range of fabulous finds. Plus, customers can be sure to pick the perfect toy as the 4th annual Brilliance Awards, chosen by the toy store franchise chain, are announced, featuring a dozen perfect playthings.

Smaller toy stores have an advantage over larger ones where they can pick and choose what to sell. So a lot of their toys are more creative and educational than I find at box stores. In fact, I often find things that peak my imagination in my play with my kids!  I was lucky enough to receive 2 of the award winners and my kids are thrilled!

How Big is the Lion? Measurement Book

I think we focus so much on reading and comprehention in little ones that we forget there are other skills they need to learn. Like measurements! So when I got How Big is the Lion: My First Measurement Book in the mail, I was all over it. The reading combined with early math concepts makes this a win win for all parties involved. My kids love the story and I love the education.

Watch as my little one tries to understand measurements in this short video:

They don’t even realize they are learning as the book has them measure Lions and elephants and more.  As they pull the attached ruler out and try to learn how to read it, I can hear their voices lilt with excitement when they get the right answer. I absolutely love it.

Melissa and Doug Magic Kit

This is such a great Magic Kit that I have to show you the ins and outs below:

Deluxe Magic Set from Melissa & Doug from Brilliant Sky Toys and Books on Vimeo.

Imagination is fostered in so many different ways. And though screen time can have an added instant benefit to helping kids use their ideas to create stories, I still think there is nothing better than hands on play. So the Melissa and Doug Magic Kit is amazing and there are many reasons why.

See one of the tricks my kids can do now:

First of all, what kid does not love magic? I am 41 and I still love it. So to have a wonderful package that includes magic tricks and the imagination fueling concepts is awesome. Generally for kids 8 and up, this kit enthralled all three of my kids. My little one thought the wand was amazing. My 6 year old loves the disappearing ball and my oldest thought the story and the play acting was the most fun. I though the time I spent with my girls watching their minds work and their hands create and play was the most beneficial of the whole kit.

With the holidays coming up, you should put a stop or two at Brilliant Sky Toys & Books on your list. You will find high quality, interesting toys and more that you just can not get anywhere else. Plus, you are supporting local businesses which is a huge plus!

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