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Thank you to real mom, Beth, for this awesome review!

If you are like me, sitting in front a computer for many hours a day, you can feel your energy waste away! I jumped on the chance to review  BREAK PAL, a new app and computer widget that reminds you to take a brief break and do some quick exercises.  So mine is set for every 1/2 hour ( you can change the time intervals to fit your needs),  a little reminder pops up that I should take a break. They give you videos to follow for just a couple minutes that help to relieve tension, enhance flexibility and promote wellness!

Break Pal Review & Giveaway: Get Fit While You Work!

Just the short burst of exercises get my blood flowing to help my tasks stay clear and my mind focused!  I have to admit, there are days that I am at my computer for 8-10 hours just doing my school work.  After I finish for the day, I am so tired and mentally exhausted from reading and typing that I want to just plop down in bed.  Since I have started using Break Pal’s reminders to exercise briefly throughout the day, my class grades have improved!

It is simple to get started and begin a transformation of a NEW YOU!

All exercises are between 2 minutes and 4 minutes. An 8 hour day might have 16 small breaks at 2 minutes each, which equal 32 minutes of exercise! You can choose the exercises that you enjoy most, and mix them up to achieve a whole-body health promotion!

Check out this brief video on how to get started using Break Pal

Here is an example of what you might find in the exercises.  Some of them require you to stand, and others can simply be performed in your chair while your peers will have no clue.  But hey, with all the benefits of Break Pal, why wouldn’t you want to share with your office mates?

Break Pal Review & Giveaway: Get Fit While You Work!

Since using Break Pal, I have noticed more stamina and endurance.  Once I complete an exercise, I feel refreshed and mentally clear. It has worked out great to remind me of my posture! I have less fatigue after sitting at the computer for hours. Essentially my productivity has increased and I just FEEL BETTER!
Even my Kiddos perform the exercises with me!


Go Mobile! Yep, that’s right, you can take Break Pal with you anywhere!

Break Pal Review & Giveaway: Get Fit While You Work!

I am so impressed with this program that I encourage all of you to try the FREE version! Once hooked, you can look into the premium version which has an expansive array of exercises and more benefits! Talk to team members, talk to Liz (The Creator of Break Pal), earn points by doing exercises and compete with your co-workers. Most of all, just feel healthier!

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