When offered the opportunity to review this unique adorable product I jumped at the chance!!!  This new family treasure, cuddly Bommerscheim Buddies ($19.99), was started three generations ago when Midwest sisters Joan and Pat Bommerscheim lovingly hand-sewed a plush long-eared Buddie for each of their babies. But they added a secret — a fabric cover that could be removed, washed (or even replaced) when the Buddie needed to be cleaned.  As the mother of a little boy with Autism, I knew this would be a perfect buddy for him!!!  I was not wrong.  It is SOFT, CUDDLY and ADORABLE.  Max attached to it immediately!


He took it to bed the first night he arrived.  This buddy who is now named “buddy” goes with Max everywhere now!!!  He is a great comfort item for Max!  I only wish we had it when he was a baby!  The wonderful thing about this buddy is that we can remove the outer cover and wash it!  You can also order extra covers so that your child can continue to use their buddy even while the cover is being washed!  I ordered a completely different extra cover, but you can also order an identical cover to the one that comes on it when you buy one.  The picture below shows our extra cover along with the buddy.


Having the ability to easily wash your child’s lovey is such a great option.  We all know how dirty their favorite things can get!  Also having the option for an extra buddy cover means your child never has to be away from their buddy while it’s cover gets clean!!!  This product was VERY well made and I am sure Max will get years of loving from his new little buddy!!!!


If you would love a soft little cuddly friend for a child you love, visit Bommerscheim Buddies HERE


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