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Bluebee Pals are a reading child's best friend

The coolest new pet came into my house last month and I don’t have to feed this one. Plus, he reads to my kids and keeps them interested in books. That is a win win for me! Bluebee Pals are an innovative, Bluetooth run, stuffed toy that reads to your child! He can sing to my girls, read to them and works with any Bluetooth enabled app! Plus they are cuddly and cute which makes them an instant friend to kids!

Bluebee Pals read and sing with bluetooth capabilities

Prop up a laptop, tablet or smart phone onto their laps and tuck into their plush arms. Then watch the magic begin! You can check them out in this YouTube video or here is founder Laura Jiencke introducing them and how they work. did a great job showing how fun and easy they are to demo in this video!

Setting Bluebee Pals up was incredibly easy. I opened his back, turned him to ON, and then synced him to my tablet using the Bluetooth option. The instructions are so simple that my kids can do it with little help from me. All I have to do is hand them the tablet. They can handle the rest.

All of my girls, even my 10 year old who would never admit it, loves Bluebee Pals. Their sweet dog’s mouth moves to books from the iStory app and more. There is a reason this reading and interactive toy has won 7 prestigious awards!

Bluebee pals promote reading, imagination and fun

Riley The Zebra is one of five plushy learning tools that moves its mouth as it talks, sings and reads to a child. The magic is actually a connection to any Bluetooth enabled phone, tablet or laptop from Apple to Android. Each loveable stuffed animal has a mesmerizing feature — lip synchronization – that allows the pal’s lips to move while singing a downloaded tune or engaging with various learning apps. Even foreign language apps work—in fact, as long as an app has sound, it will work with Bluebee Pals!

Get Bluebee Pals now! For ages 3-8, each is $64.99 and available at, or online at Target, Walmart or Amazon.

I catch my Megan in her room playing school with a special visitor that readers to her class. Bluebee Pals, she has named her dog Blue, encourage imagination, interest in books and play. I can not think of a better way to incorporate technology and reading in one item. These are on my Christmas list for friends and family for sure!

Bluebee Pals are a kid's best reading friend!

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