I love bows.  I have 3 little girls and I love that I can dress them up, even if it is just jeans and a little shirt and then make them look amazing with a perfectly matching, pretty bow in their hair.  I would love to make bows for them but I have no talent in that arena at all.  So, I turn to the bow making companies to make something that is not too heavy for my daughter’s hair but still matches the clothes I want to dress them in!

I received my bow, the same one pictured, and immediately ran to find a head in need of one.  I found Megan first and placed the bow.  I watched her for a while, waiting to readjust as soon as the bow slipped on her fine, baby hair.  And I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  
It never slipped.  I removed the bow to see what the trick was.  I noticed that instead of wrapping the clip in the fabric that the bow was made out of, they wrapped it in a thick velvet!  The velvet grabbed on to her fine hair and prevented slipping.  What a great idea!  And icing on the top for a well made, beautifully crafted, go with anything bow.  
Despite the name, Bitty Bows Boutique, this is a good sized bow!  It looks great in my 1 year old’s hair and in my 4 year old’s hair.  It does not overwhelm and consume the baby’s hair, and it makes a perfect attachment on a larger head of hair as well.  
I like this bow, this product, and this site!  Check out the Christmas bows, which come in a variety of sizes, from newborn to little girl (http://www.bittybowsboutique.com/home.php?cat=21).  They make the perfect stocking stuffers!  And, lucky for us, the prices are very reasonable for the quality we receive!
Visit Bitty Bows Boutique and choose your flower, curly, velvet, organza, or any other beautiful bow today!