Keeping a clean house is no small feat with three young daughters and two dogs.  Besides the usual country dirt that comes in on their shoes, paws and through the doors, they have toys with itty bitty small parts everywhere!  And it drives me NUTS to sit and pick them up one by one.  But I have found nothing that can pick them all up at once and still let me salvage them for the next toy explosion!

Enter the BISSELL Perfect Sweep Turbo.  Now, before you think I am married to BISSELL (thought I am still in love with my BISSELL Vacuum) , I have had other sweepers and none have made it more than a few weeks with me.  I have high expectations of the products I use in my home and if they don’t work right for the needs I have, they are toast!


BISSELL Perfect Sweep Turbo

As most of you know, LEGOS KidsFest has been traveling through the country entertaining children from 3 – 103.  We did not make it to the Houston show, much to the chagrin of my children, but that did not stop us from loading up on their favorite new Lego Friends.

It also does not stop me from doing the Lego Dance through my house as I try to avoid little pieces that get tracked through when they are playing with them.  Because, and I know you are nodding your head yes, there is nothing worse than stepping on a tiny Lego!  OUCH!

BISSELL’s Perfect Sweep Turbo solves both of my issues with Legos and other small toys that I find on my carpets and floors.  And here is the #1 thing I love about this sweeper.

There is a lift off cartridge that is easy to empty and reattach.  The small stuff you pick up that you do not want to be thrown away easily comes out.  I LOVE this!  Do you know how many times I have dug through the muck in a vacuum container looking for a Lego’s head?  It is gross!

See how I love it below:

But the BISSELL Perfect Sweep Turbo not only makes it easy to pick up and salvage your children’s toys, it runs 60 minutes on battery power.  You can “sweep” your carpet, tiles, wood and more without worrying that the power will die.  Just plug it in between uses and you are good to go!

Add to the ease of use the swivel handle, the triple brush and the powerful suction that even sucks up dog hair I can not see and this easy to use sweeper is a Must Have in any home!

BISSELL Perfect Sweep Turbo

You can get yours at your local retailer and online. 


**Contest open to US Residents, 18+.  I received this product for review purposes only.  My writings and opinions are my own.  Please see my Disclosure for more information.**