I am posting this honest, 100% my own, product review in partnership with BISSELL and the Mom It Forward Blogger Network.  Please see below for more information.

I am not ashamed to say that I am a single mother to three kids and, though finances are tight, I admit fully that I can not work from home on this cherished blog, take care of my kids properly AND keep a spotless house as I would like.  So, I hired my old housekeepers back and have given up getting my nails done in order to compensate paying for it.  They do a great job.

In between the two week visits, however, I do have to vacuum, wipe down and do other chores to keep my house satisfactory.  Until recently, I used my very expensive, very disappointing vacuum that I can’t name the name of – but we’ll say that it rhymes with bison?  It totally has lost suction, parts of it have cracked just with everyday normal use and it does not do what it is supposed to.  So when the BISSELL Deluxe CleanView Vacuum with OnePass Technology arrived at my door, I was cautiously optimistic!

BISSELL Cleanview Deluxe Vacuum

Mama has done the happy dance ever since!

This vacuum is SO MUCH lighter than my old one.  I have no stairs now, but I remember actually thinking of getting and up and downstairs vacuum in my old house because the one I had was so heavy to carry.  Second of all, because it is lighter weight, it can easily be moved around corners and under beds with little effort for me.  And for my kids!

But the thing that impresses me the most, and the reason I even brought up having housekeepers, is in the video below:

I mean, seriously, that is amazing!

My housekeepers use their own vacuums and mine as well.   And before you say they are not good, they are AMAZING.  Like move the furniture and sweep, vacuum and mop underneath, good.  So this is not on them but on the vacuum cleaners they used.

Now, I realize that most of you have abandoned this post already and gone to the online store to buy this BISSELL Deluxe Vacuum -and are getting up to $30 OFF, too – but I’ll type even more benefits for those who are sticking around or coming back.

I love the storage of the tools and the easy accessibility.  In fact, the second largest part of my cleaning duty comes in vacuuming my new couch of dog hair, courtesy of my newly adopted dog, Piper.  I totally forgot how much Beagle’s shed and how much microfiber likes to hang onto it.  So I attached the TurboBrush and – lo and behold – it sucked that dog hair up in no time.  Even in the cracks of the fabric!

Bissell Vacuum

So, I think we’ll keep her now!

Nah, we’ll keep her forever and ever.  But we will be happier with her now that her dog hair is easily removable.  Something I can not say for that other vacuum, sadly.

Also on board this suctioning, light weight, moms best friend,   is the Suction Power Indicator.  This nifty little invention goes from green to red as the vacuum needs attention should it be losing suction.  It could be a clogged filter or something stuck in the hose.  But if it is not at peak performance, it tells you.  My other one does not!


And finally, even though I could rave about the BISSELL Deluxe CleanView Vacuum with OnePass Technology for days, the price can not be beat.  I bought my old vacuum about 5 years ago, with a discount code and a $100 gift card back at the store I purchased it at, for $400.  And here I am, scouring reviews online for a new one.  This BISSELL costs a whopping $99.99.  Um, that’s like a huge savings.  Like, the grocery budget in savings!

So, take my word for it.  Fancy things that claim they can do what others can not are maybe big ole fibbers!  I am completely impressed and enthralled with the $100 vacuum that could do what the big guns can’t.  And I highly recommend any mom, pet owner or person to check out this vacuum in stores and online and make an educated, affordable purchase!


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I am posting this honest, 100% my own, product review in partnership with BISSELL and the Mom It Forward Blogger Network.   Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.