I love that my three daughters love trains!  It is a great activity that they can do together, one that helps hone important skills – like fine motor skills and cognitive skills – and it is an activity that occupies them for a while.  They have to work to build the track, make the trains go and work together to come up with a story to play along with.

So when I was introduced to BigJigsRail.com, I was super excited to bring a new track into the house!  Especially when I started looking at the amazing selection!  From the fun sprial track of the Mountain Railway Set to the My First Train Set, there are scenes and fun play themes for kids 3 and up!

We chose a set that we were told about but is not pictured on the website just yet.  The Bigjigs Toys Fairy Figure of Eight Train Set with 40 Pieces is perfect for three little princesses!

We received the set and I was immediately impressed with the variety of pieces, the attention to detail and the quality of the tracks and all of the accessorites.  Not only is this train set fun and pretty, but it has the theme built right in to enhance my daughter’s creative play!

I let the girls set the train tracks up – and they did it fairly quietly, amazingly enough – and then watched as they honed their fairy tale story as to why the princess needed to ride a train!  The princess rode on a helicopter, visited the rose garden and “held on tight” as she went around the tracks!

I love this train set and can see why BigJigsRail.com is a premier toy train making company!  Check out all of their train sets on their website and come back and tell me which one you would love to have for your child!

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**I received this product for review purposes only.  My opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my disclaimers page for more information.**