Just go ahead right now and get your milk, put your feet up and get ready to bite into a Big Cookie that you will not want to share – no matter how cute your kids are!

Big Cookie

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Started by an Engineer – yes, a man – who was so completely awesome at baking cookies that co-workers productivity went down 96% (OK, I made that up, but his office was full of cookie hungry people wanting more!), Big Cookie is a labor of true talent and love.  Aaron – that’s the baker – quit his job, tightened his apron and changed his life.  All for the love of cookies.

And in each Big Cookie  – they weigh 2.63 ounces each….  uh huh! – is a delicate blend of flavors and sweet tooth satisfying morsels that will make any cookie monster sit down and savor every.little.bite.

Raising my hand as the ever so willing cookie monster, I was the very lucky recipient of a Big White Chocolate Pecan Crunch cookie, a Big Oatmeal Raisin Harvest Cookie and the cleverly flavored Big Smooth Butterscotch Walnut cookie.

Yes, I will pause for your “lucky duck” whisperings under your breath!

Big Cookie

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Now… I can tell you the truth, right?  I can trust you with the deep, dark secret that these cookies lasted in my house for about 15 minutes.  And though I let me kids have bites…  nibbles…. well, crumbs, actually, I can trust that you will understand my weakness for expertly created bakery items.

The flavor is amazing.  Deep, rich layers of sweetness- but not too sweet – make Big Cookies very edible in one sitting.  These are surprisingly light cookies, dense in weights and ingredients, but easy to eat.  And though one should probably only enjoy one at a time, it is nearly impossible not to crave another instantly.

I am proof.

Me and my empty box.

Big Cookie

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Luckily, I can use the discount code, BC10-motherhood to get 10% off my 1st order through May 31, 2013!  You can use it too.  And I highly recommend that you use it.  Now.   You’ll thank me, I promise!

Because Big Cookie is generous on more than the quality ingredients and size of their cookies, (1) of my readers will WIN a Dozen!  And I bet a bonus cookie weighing 7 ounces will come with your order too!


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**I received the products above for review purposes only.  All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**

One Dozen Big Cookies