As a kid I had the BEST pens!  They had 4 colors – blue, red, green and black – and I could click to switch them and draw all kinds of fun things.  As an adult, I have the SAME awesome pens!

Bic 4 Color Pens

BIC 4 Color Ball Point Pens arrived in my mailbox a few weeks ago and it had been a ‘who gets them’ fight in my house since!  I was supposed to give one away and keep one for myself and had intended to do just that.  Until my kids figured out how much fun these pens are!

My girls and I have used them for everything from the red ink to mark important days on our Justin Bieber calendar to the black ink for signing new contracts with my clients.  And the green ink was perfect for addressing envelopes over the holidays!  With 4 pen colors in one, you can do everything!


Color code folder labels for organization, write a child’s name on snack bags that you pack early – one color per child! – or just let them have it and watch as they create fun activities!  My oldest loves to use them for her homework!  It makes it fun and colorful!

BIC 4 Color Pens are in stores now!  Pick up several and decorate your day with color and fun!


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