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It just so happens that our 2 1/2 year old, Megan, is able to climb out of her crib at any time and interrupt a perfectly blissful night of work – over and over again.  This tells us two things; 1) She needs a big girl bed and 2) I will not get anything done until the novelty of coming out of her room at will wears off.

In the quest for her new ‘big girl bed’ I have to start at the top… the bedding!  And since my baby decided to grow a little right in the middle of the holiday season, price was a definite consideration!  As I searched for a site that had great variety, affordable prices and quality bedding, I became frustrated with only finding one or two of the requirements I wanted!

And then I found out about! carries everything from Baby Bedding to Kids Bedding to Custom Teen Bedding that lets you design your own bedding!  The prices are very affordable and, I can attest, the quality is great as well!

The selection is what got me stuck on the site.  Megan was over my shoulder and had decided immediately that she wanted to have the “howsee”!  Or, the Pretty Pony 4 piece twin set.  I liked it but, thinking that I wanted this to last for years and “themed” bedding seems to change with the child’s interest, I wanted a design that was more universal for her room, like the Pink and Purple Purple Butterfly bedding.

But no, Megan was determined so the “howsee” it was!  We got the bedding and right off the bat, Megan started asking in her little 2 1/2 year old voice if she could put it on her bed.  So, we got to work on putting her bed together.  But she has no patience, so to placate her, we put the bedding on her sister’s bed so she could lay in it!  And it just looks great!

But there is more to than just bedding!  Check out their great accessories that they offer from lampshades to accent pillows to make your bedroom that much more special!

I love her new ‘big girl bed’ and I love how sweet the bedding is!  So if you need new bedding for your baby turned toddler or just need a room makeover at an affordable price, check out  I think you’ll be as happy as I am with your choice!

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