We were thrilled to have the chance to review the BettaSnax Biscotti!!!  When I received the box I was excited it contained three different flavors to test!  I have 3 children, so we are always looking for all natural after school snacks!  They were VERY excited to give these a try!

My oldest is 15 and LOVES to just grab something quick before school to take and eat there.  She doesn’t have time for a lot of breakfast stuff.  It needs to be grab n go with her!  So these were PERFECT for her.  The first day she grabbed a bag of the fruit and nut biscotti chips.  I was anxious for her review of them when she got home from school.  Not only did she LOVE them, but all her friends were snacking on them as well!  She said they were definitely perfect for breakfast.  She said they filled her tummy and held her over to lunch perfectly!  WIN.  I felt good because they have all natural ingredients and have no added fat.  It is always good when you can send something like that with your busy teenager and know it is a HEALTHY snack and not full of preservatives and other not so savory things!

My middle child is 7 and a bit on the picky side.  It is usually hard to get her to try new things. I picked the s’mores variation for her.  I told her they were like little cookies and she would probably like them.  She gave it a whirl and they were a HIT with her as well! She loved the sweetness of them and said they were “YUMMY”.  Again, WIN.

MY favorite was the original.  I find myself forgetting meals in between work, running the kids to and from whatever they need to do, and home duties!  These are GREAT to grab.  They are very filling, and again, I don’t feel guilty eating them.

BettaSnax is a family owned and operated business that bakes high quality gourmet snacks.  It is always good to find a company that you can trust to make healthy homemade baked treats for your family!  Check them out!


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