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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but dinner is the most interactive meal of the day. Both are important to me and my girls. One of our favorite foods that everyone will eat is sausage! But serving it the same way all the time gets old. So check out my Best Recipes for Sausage: Breakfast and Dinner with Hillshire Farm sausage!

Best Recipes for Sausage #Buy3Get3 #pmedia

A few days ago, I got wind that Safeway affiliates (mine is Randall’s) was having a mix and match buy 3, save $3 sale on Hillshire Farm products. Since the kids and I eat sausage at least once a week, I need to take advantage of this awesome sale! Anytime I can save BIG, I am all over it!

Walking through the store I saw everything from the Hillshire Farm links to the Little Smokies to the Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage.  I like the Turkey links for breakfast so I grabbed that. I then found a Turkey Sausage link and the regular Smoked Sausage links. And I had my 3. Now, since I had already signed up for the Just for U app that allows me to get instant coupons is store, the register took my $3 off right then and there!

Best Recipes for Sausage #Buy3Get3 #pmedia

Heading home, I had to run and get my kids from tumbling, stop at another store for another product I needed for a recipe and tried to help my daughter solve a problem on her homework in the car!  As I calculated the 10 minutes I would have for making dinner, I was glad I had the Hillshire Farm sausage!

I got home, unloaded my three ladies and the groceries and started rummaging through the cabinets. I needed something and FAST!

My creation was AMAZING and I am calling it the 10 Minute Sausage and Noodles Recipe.

Best Recipes for Sausage #Buy3Get3 #pmedia

A few days later, I was sick of feeding my kids waffles for breakfast! And I was craving my Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Links. So, I rummaged through my freezer and found my Won Ton Wrappers and an idea came to me! Sausage and Egg Cups!

Best Recipes for Sausage #Buy3Get3 #pmedia

This recipe was super easy too. The most time consuming part was lining the cupcake pan with the won ton wrappers. I doubled them up to hold more of my mixture and then brushed them with melted butter to not only flavor them up, but to make them stick to each other as well.

Tip: Spray the pan before you put in the wrappers. They pop right out if you do!

Best Recipes for Sausage #Buy3Get3 #pmedia

These were so super easy and baked up in no time. And they were DELICIOUS! My recipe made 8 but you can easily add ingredients to make even more. Think of these for an awesome brunch addition or just a fun weekend breakfast. You can interchange the sausage and cheese to make them spicier – jalapeno sausage and pepper jack cheese would be good – and you can season the Won Ton Wrappers with garlic infused butter or olive oil!

Best Recipes for Sausage #Buy3Get3 #pmediaAre you a sausage lover too? Be sure to get the FREE Just for U app and get your instant coupons to save at Safeway affiliates! The Buy 3 Get $3 deal won’t last long on Hillshire Farm sausages and other mix and match products! get more sausage Recipes on the Hillshire Farm Recipe Page too!

What is your favorite sausage recipe? I’d love to hear about it!


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