Growing up, my mom made the best homemade macaroni and cheese. For some reason, I never thought to ask her for the recipe and once I left home. I just started eating the box stuff. My kids even got hooked on the box stuff. Last year, I decided to get mom’s recipe. I’m SO glad I did. Not only is it easy, it is SO yummy that my kids will no longer eat mac and cheese from a box.

best homemade macaroni and cheese

What I love is that part of this recipe is cooked in the microwave, so the time spent in the oven is shortened. I would love to share this with you all!  Now I have to warn you, if your mom is anything like mine, things like measuring cups are rarely used. However, I’ve been making this now for the past year, usually at least every 3 weeks, so I’ve pretty much perfected it!

See the recipe below:

best homemade macaroni and cheese
Some tips: Definitely experiment with your cheese combinations. Like I said, the smoked Gouda really gives it a great flavor, and I only use 3 slices. I even used a few handfuls of Monterrey Jack in place of some Cheddar. Don’t stress over “6oz of one kind, 4oz of another”. I don’t have a kitchen scale so I just eyeball these measurements and it always turns out well.

best homemade macaroni and cheese

I’ve made this a few times without the breadcrumb topping (at the request of my kids) but the top layer of noodles get a bit crispy, and they ended up picking them out. Now they don’t complain about the breadcrumbs anymore.

Before you take it out of the oven, gently press on the middle. If it seems “soupy”, give it another 5 minutes in the oven.


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