I have a confession.  I am addicted to Bejeweled on my iPhone.  You know the game.  Match three gems, watch them explode and get as many as you can to do that in a minute?  Well, Hasbro has taken this PopCap addicting game and turned it into a family game that will have everyone hooked in no time!  If you can put three together, you can play this fast paced, beat your competitors to the punch, game.

Bejeweled Board Game

Bejeweled Game is sparkly fun with a competitive twist!  Instead of beating your opponents online, you can excel at your gem matching skills face to face!

My girls and I set it up the other day and I explained to them that the shiny  pretty jewels were like that on mommy’s phone and they got very excited.  I don’t let them play – what? – so they were happy to be playing against me!  Though recommended for ages 8 and up, my 5 and 6 year old caught on pretty fast.  And despite my expertise, my 5 year old actually won.

Bejeweled Board Game

I promised her I’d put that in here!

This fun and easy to set up game comes complete with board, jewels, chips and a FREE code to the NEW Bejeweled 3 digital game.  I can not WAIT to sit down and set that up!  More addition therapy will be needed but that’s OK, because I can play while in session!

See how I always look on the bright side?

Bejeweled Board Game

You can pick up the NEW board game edition of the most popular game online at retailers everywhere, online or at Hasbro.com!