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There are some games that just can not be translated from app to board game.  Luckily one of my favorite game addictions has succeeded several times.  Not only with the release of Bejeweled, but now with the release of Bejeweled Frenzy!


We all know the game, right?  Match 3 and get points.  Match 4 and they explode, match 5 and get special gems and on and on.  The object is to get the highest score you can.

So the concept is the same here.  Except that here, you can play the game with your whole family in the comfort of your living room and laugh and have a blast!  A perfect family game night that does not include electronics!

The game comes with 4 decks of cards, 7 gems and a convenient carrying case that is easy to store. The instructions are included as well.

The game is played in rounds and each player gets to draw a card and place it on the board.  If they match 3 gems in a row, they get the gem and the cards change.  As you collapse the cards, the one who collapses them gets that colored gem.  Each gem is worth 5 points. Whomever has the most at the end, WINS.

Bejeweled Frenzy

See- super easy and fun. And great for kids learning cognitive skills as well as a summer brush up to their math skills!

You can get Bejeweled Frenzy in stores or online now.  It is so fun!