I am so super excited to tell you about a guilty pleasure that will not wreck your good diet!

Bear Naked, a natural foods company, is the maker of amazing products with healthy whole grain granola as the main ingredient!  I have seen some of their products on the shelves but have never actually purchased them!

Well, that has all changed!

I was the lucky recipent of Bear Naked Soft-Baked Granola Cookies-  Double Chocolate (swoon), all three flavors of their amazing Trail Mixes – Cranberry Almond, Pecan Apple Flax and Chocolate Cherry – and their Bear Naked Pure & Natural Maple Pecan Granola (yummalicious) and my possible favorite, their Bear Naked Fit Vanilla Almond Crunch Granola.

I can not believe how good the 100% pure and natural granola cookies are!  I, of course, busted open this box and got busy “taste testing” them right away.  I expected a sort of hard, hearty cookie that was not chewy and too sweet.  Um, hello taste bud happiness!  The soft baked cookies ARE soft, sweet, filling – which is great for them lasting – and just plain delicious!  I love the hint of cocoa and the chewiness of the center!  I warmed mine up and dipped it in milk and it was like a rich cookie of happiness!  Pick up a box online or at your favorite heath store section!

My next item to open was the trail mix.  Don’t think less of my because I opened all three bags at once.  I truly did not know which one to choose so I just nibbled at them all at once!  Now, here’s a confession, I am not a huge trail mix gal.  I can eat all of the ingredients separately but often find it to be dry and tasteless after a while.

So, I was super excited to find the trip of trail mixes to be moist, full of flavor and rich in texture!  Just what you want in a trail mix.  The Chocolate Cherry has a sweetness and a tartness that complimented each other well!  The Cranberry Protein, peak energy, trail mix was my most surprising!  I am not a cranberry liker but they are sweet and chewy in this power packed mix!

Grab a bag of these flavors or the crunchy and chewy Pecan Apple Flax (my personal fave) next time you are exercising to help calm hunger and give you energy through out the day!

And now to my breakfast for the last few days!  With no artificial flavors, no cholesterol, no hydrogenated oils, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial preservatives and no trans fat, Bear Naked granola’s make the perfect cereal with a little bit of non fat milk.  The Maple Pecan tastes like my favorite maple and brown sugar oatmeal only with a splash of refreshing milk and crunchy!  The Vanilla Almond Crunch FIT Granola offers a sweet “I am so cheating” flavor that will make you want more day after day!

I love the entire line of Bear Naked items and I think you will too.  Especially if you are active, trying to be healthy and wanting high quality products at great prices!  See the entire line of Bear Naked products on their website.

**I received this product for review purposes only.  My opinions and writings are 100% my own.  Please see my Disclosure page for more information.**