BBQ Pork Tenderloin Recipes

I’ve got a few BBQ Pork Tenderloin Recipes that I want to share with you. These are trusted recipes from some of the top bloggers out there!

Pulled Pork Tenderloin Recipe

You can make BBQ pork to many different ways. I like easy myself. Life for me is way to crazy to worry about slaving in the kitchen. For this reason, I am a huge fan of the crock-pot (or slow cooker as some call it). If you are like me and like easy, simple Pork meals that taste good then check these out!

First, our absolute favorite is our Pulled Pork Tenderloin Slow Cooker recipe found here. This recipe is packed with flavor and super moist too! It has a hint of sweetness with salty which is absolutely amazing!

Here’s yet another Pulled Pork Crockpot recipe that is also worth trying! This one has a secret ingredient that I promise you will never guess! It’s a tad bit different in a good way too! This recipe is a true Texas recipe and Texan’s are serious about BBQ!

Next we have a 3 ingredient Pot Roast Recipe that can be made with a pork tenderloin or beef. Whichever you prefer. Three ingredients are your pork, soup and vegetable of your choice! Yes, it’s that easy. There are multiple soup ideas to use with this one too. I have 3 different soups I prefer for this one.

Tip:  One secret to the best BBQ Pork Tenderloin recipes is to have a really good crock-pot or slow cooker that is big enough to handle the whole thing.  I highly suggest at least getting a 5 qt crockpot if you don’t already have one.  It’s worth every penny!

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Amazing BBQ Pork Tenderloin Recipes


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