I am quickly learning that for any holiday, it is easy and affordable to treat my girls to something delicious and special.  All I have to do is walk into my local Baskin Robbin’s Store and pick up an Ice Cream Cake.

baskin robbins

Easter is no different.  And as it hit me the other day that my girls would be with their dad on Easter this year, I wanted to make this weekend all about spending time with them.  So I packed them up and headed out to do some fun things with them.  Lunch out at their favorite spot, shoe shopping – because they SO needed new ones – and a stop at Baskin Robbin’s for a scoop of ice cream and an Easter Cake!

We went to the usual location and they told us they were only making the Easter cakes to order so make sure you call ahead a few days if your store is doing that too.  Since I did not have a ‘few days’, I packed the kids back up and headed to another location with my fingers crossed!


Not only did the location I went to have the Chick Cake that I specifically wanted, but they had baby chicks, lady bugs, bunnies and so much more to make any Easter celebration special!

baskin robbins

My kids and I debated, arguing over the full ice cream eggs or the cake and ice cream bee and finally got exactly what we were there for anyway… the chick.  It was just so fun and festive and with white cake and chocolate ice cream, I knew that it would be a hit at home.

We purchased the cake and each got a cup of our favorite ice cream too.  I also noticed that once a week, this location has $1 scoop night!  How fun is that?  And great for the budget savvy mom like me!

We finally finished and took our chick home.  I placed him in the freezer and waited for the perfect time to bring him out!

So today, after attending an early morning 5K for my social media side of things, and after playing in the yard all afternoon, I pulled out the chick to enjoy a little with my girls.

baskin robbins

True to Baskin Robbins taste, the cake is moist and delicious and the ice cream – even a plain chocolate – is creamy and delicious.  We ate it up and headed back out to play, saving to chick for leftovers and another memory making moment with mom!

Decorate your Easter table with these festive cakes and be the hit of your family too!

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