My girls and I love ice cream cakes.  We try to get them when we can and they don’t last long around here.  But when you have a Baskin-Robbins in your area, it is almost impossible not to stop in and pick up a cake, a cone or any other specialty treat on a regular basis!

Baskin Robbins

As a little girl we used to go get cups and cones at Baskin Robbins and I am so glad they are around so I can share the fun with my kids too.  It is still – and always will be – the number one Ice Cream Shop for me!

With Valentine’s coming up in a WEEK!! – WOW!, Baskin Robbins is making showing someone how much you appreciate them a sweet and easy treat.

How incredibly cute are these?  With three standard messages like Be Mine, Kiss Me and Love Me, you can treat your Valentine with a unique gift!  You can even customize a cake in store!  Are you asking someone to Marry You this year?  Show your commitment with an ice cream cake!

Baskin Robbins Valentine's Cakes

I know that these are delicious and popular because when I went to get my cake as a surprise for my neighbors at a little get together this weekend, there were only 2 left on the shelf.  The ice cream professional said they could barely keep them in stock!  So I snatched up a yellow heart and got out of that store before someone took it from me!

Later than weekend, 8 of us split a cake meant for 2 and we all savored the chocolate cake and Cookies ‘N Cream Ice Cream.  It was a hit and I wish I had grabbed both that were left on the shelf!  I’ll be heading back for sure!

Get your Valentine’s Cakes at your local Baskin Robbins store and show the ones you love and appreciate just how much!

Baskin Robbins Valentine's Cake

**I received a gift card to purchase a cake for review purposes only.  All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**