Easter is right around the corner. I am already planning my girls baskets but I have to admit… I am still candied out from Valentine’s Day! Besides, truth be told, if I am going to spend my money, I want it to be on things that might actually stay around for a while. Like Barbie and her friends, toys from THE movie of the year, FROZEN, and WWE Super Strikers Toys!

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Stuff Easter Baskets with Mattel

Candy is great. Chocolate Easter bunnies are cute. But toys that my girls will love accomplishes more than a good basket stuffer. The more toys, the less candy, the less chance for cavities from sugar. The less chance for sugar overload. The less chance for melted chocolate to be forgotten in pockets and washed with a load.  It’s happened. Just so you know!

It is no secret that FROZEN is an amazing movie. My girls and I absolutely love it and are so excited that it is coming soon on DVD! So to add a FROZEN toy to the Easter Basket will be a HUGE hit! The Disney Frozen Small Doll Elsa Castle Playset is so cute! I put it together in no time. It includes a small Elsa doll, an Olaf doll (everyone’s favorite snowman!), a light up ice castle that has a throne, chair, bed and more and a world of imagination inside. My girls have played with this non stop since we got it and they absolutely love it!

Stuff Easter Baskets with Mattel

Another awesome gift for the kids is the Barbie Potty Training Taffy Barbie Doll and Pet. Now, I know you are looking at me like I am crazy but this is such a cute idea! Kids get to walk, feed and clean up after Taffy. It teaches the digestive process, the responsibility of pet clean up, the love of an animal and more. All three kids think that it is so fun! I love it and it would fit so well into a basket!

Stuff Easter Baskets with Mattel

Don’t think we forgot about the boys!

The Super Striker WWE Action Figures will entertain any little boy! With moving legs that make the arms work, the action figures are mean and tough and wrestle with pride! They fit easily in a basket and man up any Easter! Check out the entire line at Mattel.com. Who is your son’s favorite character? Order them now on Mattel.com!

Stuff Easter Baskets with Mattel

There are so many awesome options for toys for Easter baskets! I can’t wait to send my kids off in an imaginary place with their favorite characters!

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