Summer is LONG, types the mother of three daughters 6 and under.  LONG, LONG, LONG.  So I am always on the hunt for fun and exciting things for my kids to do.

So when a little brown and green BabbaCo. Creativity Box showed up at my doorstep, I could barely contain my excitement in opening it!

The BabbaBox includes engaging activities for your children based on a theme for the month and includes all of the physical and written materials needed to help explain that theme to your kids.  Arts and crafts, books, creative activities and more.  Mine even included a hand held fun massage tool just for me!

My box had a theme… feelings!  Which is great for us since we are starting to work to understand feeling and how to identify them.  We created puppets from scratch – this was a ton of fun – decorated and created magnets that showed different feelings faces and even wore our glasses that helped us see people having feelings – even if they were behind us!

The Gratitude Box

In addition, a book – which Katie happily read to her sisters – When I Care About Others, was included and a big hit with my kids!

See this video of what we thought of the box after we were done with the crafts!

We sat down on the living room floor and started by reading the book.  The girls asked questions and I answered them as Katie read.  The book is a solid story aimed at showing children how to care about those around them.  I can never drive this home enough in my kids so I was thrilled to have it is print!

We then got to work on the craft the kids were most excited about – the puppets.  Literally made from socks, I completed the hard part – putting the mouth in – and then the kids added the hair and eyes.  They had a blast and talked about the puppets names and the stories that they would tell with them.  As they worked and I helped, we talked about the feeling that the puppets could help express.

While we let the puppets dry, we pulled out the colored pencils and predrawn feelings faces, along with the blank ones and got to work. The girls colored and talked about what the empty faces should be and then we attached the magnets which came in a roll that we cut.  The frame for the feelings faces went on the fridge and the girls have loved putting their feelings in an out of the frame!  This is a great activity that lasts long after the craft is done!

Next we put on our ‘Feelings Finders’ glasses and went on the hunt for people having feelings!  As we discovered them – my neighbor was shocked when three girls ran up to her and screamed HAPPY! and then ran home to color that sticker with a happy face and stick it into the booklet.  Now, any time they see a ‘feeling’, they want to put a sticker in the book!

In addition to these great crafts  -which we still all use today – coloring pages were included too.

BabbaCo. has created a MUST HAVE for parents with their BabbaBox!  And since the theme changes monthly, you can entertain and teach your kids something new all year long!

Check out the membership details on the website and see how the contents of the boxes are totally worth the price!  We love them and will be ordering a lot more.  And with the back to school special, we will have a great rainy day or weekend activity in our grasp too!

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