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Fun movies are just that. FUN! They are meant to entertain, excite and bring people together! Especially if it is time for Girl’s Night IN! Austenland is the perfect funny, charming movie that everyone will love!


A few weeks ago I received a pre-copy of this new movie that came out for all to purchase on DVD February 11, 2014. Austenland is worth the watch, I can tell you that! I took the movie and an amazing Girl’s Night package complete with candy, face masks, hand lotion and did I say candy? to my friend’s house last weekend and we partied it up laughing and having a ball!

Jane (Keri Russell) is a Jane Austen obsessed woman determined to find out all she can about the iconic author. In her journey, she leaves her Jane Austen inspired room and embarks to Austenland, an eccentric Austen inspired resort. She finds characters richer than the ones in Austen’s books and imagines life and all of it’s Jane Austen glory. But as time passes at the resort, she has a hard time determining fact from fiction, especially in the love department.


Keri Russell delivers a classic performance of a trustworthy girl facing her own reality in the fantasy she is embedded in. Living in Jane Austen’s lifestyle proves to be just as difficult as living in her own.

I am in love with the characters that come out of this movie. Jennifer Coolidge (Two Broke Girls, American Pie) delivers a perfect mix of funny and charming as only she can. Lines like  ‘Think of all the people in the world who hang themselves. The next day they feel differently but they can’t do nothing about it.’ kept us focused on the laughter that is layered into every scene.

This campy movie is based on the novel of the same name. I had actually never heard of the book but the movie makes me want to learn more. Though it is not historically accurate to the Jane Austen life, it is a funny adaptation of the typical love lost story where the heroine comes out learning more about herself then she thought possible.


It is a cleaver, endearing film not meant to be taken as literally as Jane Austen’s books. The interaction between the Austenland actors and the guests is blurred as to reality and fiction.

Gather your friends and watch this movie! It is so fun!

Check out the Google Hangout with Producer, Stephanie Meyer!

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