There is nothing I love more as a mother than seeing my children enjoy something that I enjoyed at a little girl!  Barbie’s were a big part of my childhood and I love that they are coming back into my home.

Even though I don’t actually play with the Barbie’s.. well…  maybe a little and by a little I mean every time they do, I love that my girls are embracing Barbie and her friends and using their imagination as they plan parties, hang out with friends and play house.  So it was a hugely happy day when we became the proud owners – friends – to the Argentina Barbie from the Barbie “Dolls of the World” Collection!

Dolls of the World is the largest and longest-running series in the history of the Barbie brand and re-launched in 2012 with 8 new dolls, including Argentina Barbie, Australia Barbie, China Barbie and Ireland Barbie.  Each doll wears an ensemble inspired by the native fashion of each country and every doll pack contains a ‘passport’ and special pet. The package also doubles as a carrying case for the doll or a place to store personal travel souvenirs.

Argentina Barbie is beautiful.  She has the detail work that makes only Barbie’s special!  She comes with a sweet little baby cougar, a passport, country stickers and a brush! She wears a beautiful flower in her hair and a lovely rose on her ankle.  Her fishnet stockings are tasteful and in character and her dress is expertly designed down to the lace shawl tied in the back!  She comes with a brush but her hair is styled to perfection and set to stay!

I love this Barbie for more than her style and detail.  She is an educational Barbie as well. A world traveler, your daughter can learn all about Argentina and her world on the Dolls of the World Website!  You can send letters to Pen Pals, read all about Australian facts and so much more!  The website helps tie together Argentina Barbie’s story!

Barbie Dolls of the World are available in China Barbie, Ireland Barbie and Australian Barbie.  Collect them all and give your daughters the education and the dreams of traveling the world too!

It’s fun to watch my kids play with something I loved so much.  It is an added bonus that she can also help my girls learn more about the world!

You can purchase your Barbie Dolls of the World online or in stores!  Let me know which one you want to get!

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