I love aprons.  I really do.  I have a few and every time I put one on, I feel kind of domestic.  Which might explain why I don’t wear them very often!

But I do love their function and my husband begs me to wear one instead of letting my shirts get dirty when I cook or help the kids with messy projects.  I should wear them more often but it is not a habit.

However, I have am amazing friend who loves aprons.  She wears them all of the time and truly is excited to get one as a gift!

So when I got the chance to review ApronsandSmocks.com, I jumped on it with her in mind!

I scoured the site looking for the perfect apron.  All along thinking of others who could benefit from this website and the products it offers!

The promotional aprons starting at just $4.94 each would be a fantastic promotional product for a blogger who writes a recipe or cooking blog!   What a way to leave an impression with a possible advertiser or sponsor!

The child cobbler smocks would be perfect for the little artist in your house!  In fact, I am thinking about getting some for my girls for painting days or cooking ‘lessons’ or any other activity that I might want their clothing protected from mess.  And at $5.25 each, I can afford to buy several!

I thought that some of the aprons would be perfect for the father who cooks or grills out this Father’s day.  And next year, at the end of the school year, a personalized apron might be a wonderful teacher’s gifts.  There are just so many options!

After settling on an apron for my friend that I thought she would like, the breast cancer awareness apron, I got to work thinking of what personalized embroidery I wanted on it!

My friend has a great sense of humor so I knew I could be kind of funny and she would “get” it!  After toying around with some things, I settled on “Save the Tata’s, Wear and Apron!   Happy Mother’s Day 2011!”

Oh come on… that is cute, right?

I anxiously awaited the apron and kept the surprise from my friend!  Not easy, let me tell you!

When I got my package, I ripped it open and was so excited to see that my saying was embroidered beautifully and in the color of thread I had chosen!  The apron is obviously of good quality!

I could not wait to give it to my friend!

Lucky for me, she was headed over the next day! 

When she came in and we got all six  of our children settled in another room, I handed it over!  She loves it!  She immediately ‘got’ the saying I came up with and loved that is was an apron ‘with a cause’!  I asked her what she thought of the quality compared to her other aprons and she said it seemed to be ‘right up there’ with her favorites!

And she knows her aprons!

I am so glad I had the chance to give her this gift!  I adore my girlfriends and am always happy when I can give them quality gifts that I know they will love!

Now that I see how easy it is to go to ApronsandSmocks.com and choose and apron and personalize it, I will be ordering more for my kids and some others that I know will love them!

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