The holidays are coming. With family and friends coming to visit, make one of these apple pie recipes to bond over.

Best apple pie recipes for the holidays to warm your families hearts and homes.


The holidays are such a fun time for me to try out new recipes. I know a lot of people have their traditional recipes; the ones past down from grandparents. These recipes make the holidays what they are. It’s what we ate as we bonded with cousins, aunts, and uncles, and friends we rarely get to see.

For me, though, I love to experiment and try out some new things every year. Take the dessert table for instance. It’s just a must that there be pie. Now at our house, there has to be a cherry pie, pumpkin pie, and cheesecake. The rest is whatever guests feel like bringing, or I feel like making. Since apples are in fresh abundance this time of year, it usually means apple pies are included as well.

We could make a Traditional Apple Pie like this one from The Gracious Wife, and I’m sure everyone would love it. Or we could fancy it up and make an Apple Rose Pie like Tip Hero, or add a little color rarely seen on pies like this Colorful Autumn Leaves Apple Pie from Kudos Kitchen by Renee. There are so many varieties, I’m sure one of these will find its way to your holiday table.

Apple Pie Varieties

If you want to break completely from the traditional apple pies, try one of these. From pie baked inside apples to cookies stuffed with pie filling, it’s a treat your guests will love. Some of them are great for on the go, with no fork or plate needed.

Lattice Baked Apples from A Day In Motherhood

Baked Apple Hand Pies from She Wears Many Hats

Apple Pie Cookies from OMG Chocolate Desserts

Mini Apple Pies from The Typical Mom

Apple & More

There’s nothing wrong with a plain old apple pie, but why not mix it up with some other fruits. I personally stumbled across apple peach pie when I was craving some pie but had nothing else in my cupboards. I will tell you, it’s definitely worth trying. What combinations will you try?

Apple Blackberry Pie from Style Sweet CA

Fried Apple Peach Pie from Home Maid Simple

Apple Cherry Pie from Pumpkin and Peanut Butter

Specialty Apple Pies

The following pies combine other ingredients to take your apple pies to the next level. Try a recipe that’s won awards, or try them all and give out your own awards.

Snickerdoodle Cream Cheese Apple Pie from Bunny’s Warm Oven

Upside Down Apple Dumpling Pie from Tastes of Lizzy T

Raw Apple Pie from The Bewitchin’ Kitchen

Award Winning Dutch Apple Pie from Living the Country Life

Apple Butter Pie from The Domestic Rebel

Sour Cream Apple Pie from Taste and Tell

Pie Filling

You can’t have pie without a good filling. You can either can or freeze these fillings so the next time you have a craving, you’ll have everything on hand to make one – or at least the inside. Who needs crust?

Canning Easy Apple Pie Filling from Baby Savers

Freezer Apple Pie Filling from The Sparrow’s Home