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Every little girl I know gets the most joy out of her dolls by dressing them over and over and… over again. What ever the occasion, getting their dolls ready to accompany them on their journey through the house is all part of the fun. But if you have ever shopped for clothes for the girls dolls like Cabbage Patch, American Girl and My Twinn, you  know that it can cost a lot of money to fulfill your little girls desires. My youngest alone could do some serious damage to my bank account. So when I was told about doll clothesDoll Shop Superstore that I could get for less, I was on in a heartbeat!

I was lucky enough to have received the cutest little Going Shopping outfit for an American Girl Doll. I honestly had to hunt down this outfit to write about it just a few hours after getting it because Megan took it and was gone. She got her doll, dressed her to go, put her in her triple stroller with her friends and acted out the shopping trip of a lifetime!

After seeing how happy she was, I had to go check out the other things they have on the site. Imagine my super excitement to see Stuffed Animal Clothes and Barbie clothes at a fraction of what I can find them in at popular retailers! Cute, stylish and with my daughter’s imagination at heart, I could easily clean out their inventory and still save over what I would spend at the store!

Doll Shop Superstore

I know shipping is fast, I experienced it, and I love that the clothes come gently wrapped and not stuffed in a bag. The variety of dolls you can dress off of one site is amazing. Guys, we are talking about Barbie dresses for as low as $2.99. Stuff animal clothes for $8.99, American Girl Doll Clothes and My Twinn clothes for $8.50. Plus, they have a Scratch and Dent Sale going on with clothing as low as $0.99. Stock up and save and surprise your little one all year long!

Check out the entire site and get your 10% OFF with code loridcs. Come back and tell me what you got!

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